Week Ahead: Maurizio Napolitano

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Past Week

  • In the past week I was torn between my job at FBK and the first italian summer school in data journalism organized by ahref
    In this occasion I was able to talk about projects OKFN (related to the open data topic) and of ScraperWiki.
  • In the meantime I was able to write to the scraper for LiberLiber.it. Now i must improve it to collect also the birth/death years of each authors and the year of pubblication for each book.
  • In the past week also Apps4Italy staff has taken to move, and soon we should open the competition.
    I admit that we are still looking for sponsors (if someone reading this want support us, is very welcome!!!)
  • Last but by no means unimportant, after some confused interventions on open data in Italy, I wrote this blog post “Ma cosa vuol dire open data?” (in Italian, of course!)

Current Week

  • I still have much to do.
  • I have always the opened question for the OKFN Dashboard.
  • But I have a beautiful (I hope) news: Friday, a student will begin an internship with me.
    The proposed theme is to respond to an idea from Tim McNamara: provide an interface to CKAN for the Sofa Statistics application
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