week ahead maurizio napolitano

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I had an intense week of activities related to the open data world.
… and I also forgot to update my notebook

Last Week

  • a lot of skype meeting with the Program Committee for Apps for Italy. We are slow, because there are a lot of interests to support the initiative. One of the last is a office of the italian government. We are waiting for news.
  • workshop on Open Data for the LugBZ – Linux User Group Bolzano staff
    this guys are very very intersted to do some activity related to the open data in the public administration in South Tyrol.
    In this moment there is a very important european project – FreeGIS.netrelated to the GIS application with open source software, where a workpackage is on the geo data licensing
  • short talk during the The Researchers’ Night in Trento about the power of a “open world” with open source, open content and open data
  • contacts with ENEL to correct some inaccuracies in their Open Data portal (now is 100% open data)
  • some blog post for the OKFN Italy
  • updates for the italian translation for the open data manual – Thanks to Donatella
  • Launched a project to create a graphical interface for datapkg and its integration with Sofa Statistics

Next Week

  • updates on the project datapkg-gui
  • some blog posts for OKFN Italy
  • meeting at an office of the Italian government in Rome to plan the project for the national portale for the open data
  • conference call (September 29. 18:00) with the italian people interested to give more power to the OKFN italian chapter
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