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Last week

The last week was also the announcement of the born of the opendata portal of the Region Emilia-Romagna – http://dati.emilia-romagna.it.

This week

  • Tomorrow – in Rome – I have been invited to a press conference where five italian ministers will speak about the strategy of e-government made by the Italian Government. One of the topic is “open data”. There are rumors that will be announced the italian open data portal.
    In afternoon i’m also involved in a working group about the open data topic.In the afternoon I am also involved in a working group on open data, especially for the contest Apps for Italy – http://www.appsforitaly.org.
    This week (as appsforitaly committee) we should launch the contest.
  • Thursday – in Rome – I will be as speaker, in the role of OKFN Ambassador, at the “Italian day of statistics” during a panel discussion on open data with other 4 speakers – http://portal.forumpa.it/event/63802/open-official-statistical-data-giornata-italiana-della-statistica.
    ISTAT (the italian institute for statistics) opened the data some months ago – http://dati.istat.it
  • Saturday in Italy is the national day dedicated to GNU/Linux – http://www.linuxday.it. I, as well as being one of the national coordinators of the initiative, will participate in a panel discussion on the role of “open knowledge” in my land (Trento – Trentino) togheter with other people (politicians, public administration staff, researchers, teachers …). My main topics will be Open Data and Open Knowledge Foundation.
  • During my travels from Trento to Rome i want complete the italian translation for CKAN v. 1.5 and write some blog posts in italian language for OKFN Italia

How you can see i have a very intensive week under the hat “open data” but i can’t come to the OGDCamp :(

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