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Last week
The past week has been an important week for open data in Italy.
I have been involved in first person in many of these events as an ambassador for OKFN.

Briefly summary

  • The Italian government, in the minister of civil service and innovation, has created the portal dati.gov.it
    I have been involved in the subsequent discussion, and I proposed – along with Lorenzo Benussi and Federico Morando – this wish list:
    • make a decree so all the P.A. data currently online are open data (the default license should change from closed data to open data)
    • the italian data portal should be also in english
    • have differents versions for the IODL – Italian Open Data License (so include also a version for the public domain and another for the attribution)
    • an integration with the CKAN API
  • Among the initiatives launched by the Italian government also appsforitaly (I am involved in the organizing committee). The idea born in May by many of the italian open data community, can finally begin.
  • ISTAT- the Italian national statistical institute – organized a seminar about open data with some talks and a discussion panel (where I was involved as Italy OKFN member).
    The most interesting topics were:
    • The position of the EU (some slide about the project LOD2)
    • The current Italian situation seen as a starting point (very impressive the speech of dr. Miorondo – Regione Piemonte)
    • The need for an infrastructure based on the data (geodata in particular)
    • The interest on the growth of data journalism
  • Another initiative that I am involved, did this week is also Wikitalia, whose first contribution was the opening data of Florence – http://dati.comune.firenze.it
  • This week I could not participate in OGDCamp in Warsaw but I thank Federico Morando because he presented my slides based on the tales of the entire Italian community – http://www.slideshare.net/Federico_Morando/ogdcamp-okfn-it

This Week
After an intense week so maybe it’s better a little rest?
Nah … there is always something to do :)

  • participate in the discussions for the betterment of dati.gov.it
  • translate CKAN into Italian (I could not last week)
  • write new blog posts for OKFN Italy
  • find an author for a blog post in English about what happened in Italy
  • continue with the activities for datapkg-gui
  • continue to work to open the data in Trentino (my region)
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