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Last week
Presented the concepts of open data to:

  • tested datapkggui and found some error. The great Daniel fix everything in less time – http://task3.cc/491/datapkggui-v0-2-1-an-important-bugfix/
  • Some blog post on it.okfn.org about the last incredible week in Italy
  • a presentation for the Semantic Valley Consortium – http://www.sematicvalley.org
    The consortium sees a group of companies engaged in Trentino in the ICT sector and, in particular, the Semantic Web
    The interest was high, now let’s see if we can organize a workshop on business tips with open data.
    In any case, I remembered AppsForItaly.org
  • a conference on open learning in Verona – http://www.didatticaaperta.it
    I presented two concepts:
    • Open Data
    • Teaching with GIS open source and open geodata

    My presentation was after the amazing researcher Ilaria Capua.She is studying influenza viruses. She became internationally famous because he wanted his research data were available to the whole community and not just a few researchers. This choice has created a great debate at the international level. She speaks about open science. We must engage her with us.
    Here a video with english subtitle about Ilaria Capua – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ieJ3siVAmtU

This week
This week I have no meetings, even if the Internet Governance Forum Italia is approaching.
In any case i have to:

  • complete the italian translation for CKAN 1.5
  • involve more the project leader of dati.gov.it to use the okfn tools
  • organize the road for the open data in Trentino
  • update the it.okfn.org blog
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