week ahead: napo

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last week
Internet Governance Forum Italia 2011
I participated, as spekaer, in the panel “open data for the development” with a technical presentation (available here – http://www.slideshare.net/napo/open-data-technical-approach)
The venue for IGF was a former gallery transformed into a museum.
Le Gallerie
During the three days the theme of “open data” was constant.

    Open Data Stickers

  • I participated in the meeting of the Italian regions involved in the project “open data Italy”
  • I met Primavera De Filippi in person:) (first time)
  • I distributed stickers on Open Data, OpenContent, OpenKnowledge OKFN and logos (thanks Jason)
  • During the session of mayors of 4 Italian cities (Trento, Verona, Cagliari and Torino), I gave a sticker “Open Data”to each of them as a reminder of the upcoming ICT policies of the respective cities. I excluded Torino, because is an “Open Data City” :)

My mayor was surprised.

this week

  • write a blog post on IGF
  • organizing a presentation on open data/openstreetmap for the crisis italy
  • translate
  • participate in the hackaton for the OKFN dashboard
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